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Feb 11, 2009

20 Ways to Have More Time in a Day

Waiting for the Subway

This is #96 of Kerri's 100 Ideas/ 100 Days.

It is time to move forward ... less stopping and starting.

My List of "20 Ways to Have More Time in a Day" stems from my inability to pull myself from the Internet. So I made this list to help me wean myself from the computer. I hope to get more Art, reading, exercise and yoga done!

1. Shut off your computer earlier than usual.
2. Skip blow-drying your hair.
3. Turn off your cell phone.
4. Give yourself fewer choices with your wardrobe.
5. Pack a lunch instead of waiting in line.
6. Cook a one-pot meal that will last a couple of days.
7. Prioritize your day.
8. Limit time with popular media.
9. Plan Ahead
10. Set limits for unnecessary activities
11. Delegate
12. Multi-task when safe and possible.
13. Read a book that grips your interest.
14. Have lunch alone and do something for yourself.
15. Pay yourself to do or not do certain activities.
16. Keep your work area organized.
17. Eat more fresh vegetables for dinner (less time cooking).
18. Skip Ironing (alright so I never iron anyways!)
19. Shut off time-hoarders by a certain hour.
20. Make a list of activities that take up too much of your time and that you want to cut out of your day. Write each of these on a separate piece of paper with directions. Pull one piece of paper each day and follow the directions.

I really need to limit the time I spend on the computer and internet. So as silly as this may seem, I put down my intentions on little pieces of scrap paper and will pull one at night for the next day. Tonight the piece of paper I pulled says my computer will be off until 4 p.m. tomorrow. That means no internet with my morning coffee. We'll see what I end up doing instead!


jewelstreet said...

I seriously need to limit my time on the computer. Dang internet! And, I try to keep a list of things I need to get done, but it never happens anymore.

Rosebud Collection said...

I haven't been on the computer as much as last year..In fact I have been very sloppy checking everyone's blogs..even keeping my own up..Winter was getting to me..but always thankful we were warm..
We did start painting the rooms here, which they I am doing something..

Stacey said...

Too much computer time lately, great list, definitely good to get refocused from time to time.

fly tie said...

oh this is such a great idea. as much as i have to do and need to be doing, i always waist a lot of time lallygaggig around.

thanks for the thought.

Gallery Juana said...

Thanks for stopping by. I am glad to know I am not the only one that has too much computer time:)

Anonymous said...

Love the ideas! They make a lot of sense. ;-)


Chris Stone said...

I turn off my computer sometimes... and it does help!
Good luck!

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