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Oct 28, 2009

Sayonara Japan

It has been an exhausting week but well worth the time and effort.
We got everything done and are ready to catch our flight today.

Sad goodbyes came on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday from students, co-workers, and friends.
I will miss everyone. Their smiles and stories always brightened my day.

Yesterday, I stopped by the art supply store to make my last purchase and to say goodbye, To my surprise and delight, the owner made me a hanko ( a personal stamp). I will use it from here on to sign my paintings. After thanking him profusely, I rushed home to use it. I completed a drawing inspired by a photo of my cat and looked for some materials to transfer it to. Most of my art supplies had been packed in my luggage which had already been sent ahead to the airport, but I still had some washi and a sharpie ink pen. So here is my last art work done on the Eve of my Departure from Japan graced by the Hanko I received as a parting gift.

Kirei Kuro Neko


Anya said...

Where are you going to
Have a missing a post !!!!!
I wish you a wonderful flight :)
hugs from us
Kareltje =^.^=
Anya :)

Luray va accommodations said...

I was warned by a friend who dropped $50 CDN a day on drinks from these vending machines while in Japan!

Dorte said...

How beautiful ... and a little sad with the goodbuys.
Have a nice trip!

Tracy said...

So lovely is your cat... for real, and on paper, Juana. Such bittersweet moment, leaving can be so hard. Hard, but exciting. Wishing safe journey and much happiness in Mexico! :o) ((HUGS))

BLOGitse said...

I guess you don't know that HANKO is a name of a city in Finland!
That's funny!
Have safe trip!

Poetic Artist said...

What a wonderful gift. I do hope your move will go smooth..Let us know when you arrive at your new home.
Take care.

readingsully2 said...

What a lovely gift...It is really neat. :) Take care on your travels. :)

Chris Stone said...

nice piece! and what a wonderful gift. good luck with the move!

ZenDotStudio said...

Ah Sputnik looks like he's all curled up for his big trip! And the stamp finishes off your piece so nicely. What a wonderful memory to be able to take along with you.

I look forward to hearing about your trip and your new adventures. Brave and lucky you! Safe journey.

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