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Dec 27, 2009

Tinware Shadows and Pinatas

As we live in the older part of the city, there are no mega-stores like Walmart or Sams or CostCo. All of these stores, along with Starbucks, are outside of the city and are not easy to access if you don’t have a car.

On the other hand, the Mercado is in the center of town, about 15 minutes from our house on foot. We go there to buy our chicken, fruits and vegetables. It is an open market under one roof and is a maze of small shops and little eateries. Time doesn’t exist when I am in there. Everything is a treat for the senses.

This shop sells Pinatas along with vegetables. Have you ever had a Pinata at your celebration?

Pinatas in the mercado

This week I found shadows in tinware.

We sometimes go to Starbucks for a change of atmosphere and to use the Wi-Fi. Last week we decided to walk to Starbucks. It took us over two hours to get there and we were on a busy highway at one point, so we won’t be doing that again. But there were some bright points along the way to make it worth the adventure. We passed this Hojalateria (tin smith) that specialized in making every utensil and pot you could think of for cooking. There was a long lane of these shops and you could hear the soldering and pounding as they worked their magic. There are shadows below the bicycle.

Hojalateria (tin smith's shop)

Visit Hey Harriet’s blog to join or view more shadow shots from around the world.


Lisa's RetroStyle said...

Lovely shots! The Hojalateria looks really neat:)

Chris Stone said...

those pics are gorgeous! i love shopping at a mercado. How's your cat doing?

Hey Harriet said...

No I've never had a pinata. I've lived a sheltered life! A 2 hour walk to Starbucks? Wow! That's quite the caffeine addiction you must have ;) I must confess that I would walk that far for a coffee fix if I had to. I'm a sad case! Such great photos. I always enjoy seeing your part of the world. Wherever you happen to be living at the time. Wishing you the very best for the New Year. I'm also looking forward to 2010. It just has a nice ring to it :)

Dorte said...

Really lovely shots ... and I am impressed about your walk to Starbucks :-)
Happy New Year!

Anya said...

Have a very happy New Year
and a wonderful and happy 2010 :-)


zendotstudio said...

what a wonderful feast of colours in the top photo. I wonder how Mexico will influence your art? Asian images with hot colours? I look forward to seeing.

I love the stories of daily life. Happy new year!

Rosebud Collection said...

What great pictures..I am still in shock you are in Mexico..That is what I get for getting sick and not blogging..ha, ha..
Have a wonderful New Year my dear friend..
Sending you much love and blessings..xoxoRosebud

fly tie said...

i adore open markets. **sigh**

i've never had a pinata at any of my personal celebrations, but i have attended an event where one was used.

i'm pretty fascinated by the idea of the hojalateria. just makes 'em right there and displays them for people to buy? wow.

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Hello J!

Been awhile not hearing from me or vice versa. Am a bit lazy recently §;-)

Wow... I missed pinatas (have in the Philippines). Very strong shadows around. That's asian way of shadowing, eh?

Missing lots my country when I see sunshine. Soon am home for 6 weeks, tjohoo...

Have a happy SS and enjoy life to the fullest on a new decade 2010.


readingsully2 said...

You lead such an interesting life, Juana. I am always in awe of your stuff. By the way, my granddaughter makes a pumpkin pinata every year for her Halloweeen party.

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