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Dec 15, 2009

Wi-Fi in Mexico

At the moment, we have no internet. There are wonderful coffee shops in the Plaza with Wi-Fi access, and it is nice to have a cafe cortado (macchiato) while I do the internet on my laptop or itouch.

Without media or any connection to the outside world while I am in my house, time expands and goes by more slowly. I have only been in Mexico for a week now, so I am still figuring out my schedule and setting up my Studio. I have gotten a few drawings done, but no painting yet, as I need to buy supplies and set up my art table. I'm also making plans for the 2010 reopening of my Etsy Gallery Juana store.

The other morning we went to a breakfast buffet at a restaurant that has Wi-Fi. The restaurant’s interior is gorgeous and they had an interesting matador and bull sculpture near the entrance. I am not sure if the sculpture is made out of leather or papier- mache.

papier mache  and matador


BLOGitse said...

So nice to hear about you!
How do you like there?

Poetic Artist said...

I do hope you are getting settled in..It could take awhile for the adjustment. You must be having alot of quite time.

ZenDotStudio said...

you make it sound wonderful. I'd love to join you in the Plaza for coffee and talk art.

Knowing how much time I check in on the computer I can imagine those open spaces of time without internet hook-up. Good in many ways, but can see how it might make me feel a little antsy. A good fasting practice!

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