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Aug 31, 2010

Stitching my Sketchbook

sketchbook 2011
All it needs is a knot to join the two ends.
The forth time trying to stitch this sketchbook finally worked.

Yesterday I tried 3 times to do the stitching.  First time failed because I forgot to include the cover when I stitched the pages.  I laughed it off in disbelief.  Second time failed because I stitched the cover on upside down.  Hmmm .... I guess I was distracted?  Third time failed because my thread was split during the stitching process.     After failing a third time, I decided I'd better go out for my evening exercise and start over again later.  After a bike ride and a run, I had worked off my frustration, slept well and woke up this morning ready to take another stab at it.

This morning, I put on a song from the zombie movie soundtrack 28 Weeks Later and successfully finished the stitching.  Having patience and a bigger needle made all the difference.

sketchbook 2011
Stitching my Sketchbook
 I used upholstery thread and  creativityprompt's youtube video to help me with the stitching process.

To follow my progress, click "Sketchbook Project " in the side bar.

or visit my profile on Arthouse Coop:


dosankodebbie said...

I bow to your persistence. My notebook came a couple days ago and I'm suddenly petrified and unsure of how and whether to change the paper to better suit the etegami artwork I'm thinking of focusing on. I've never restitched a book and don't even know how to begin. I'm afraid I'll just ruin it.

Gallery Juana said...

Dosankodebbie, I had the same feeling about the paper and whether to change it.

It took me about a week of thinking and thinking until I had a plan. During that week, I watched lots of youtube videos on journaling and the sketchbook project.

I'm looking forward to seeing your sketchbook take form.

Poetic Artist said...

I give you an A for trying..LOL..
Sounds like one of my days.
Take care.

Gabbi said...

Handmade book sounds lovely! ♥

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