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Dec 27, 2010

Sketchbook Project 2011

I'm sending this off in the mail tomorrow.   I spent the day getting a time-lapse video of my sketchbook and then editing it to include music.

I've really enjoyed participating in this project and meeting other artists from around the world through this project.  This is the first journal I've done, and I already have ideas for another journal.

I'll slowly be posting more images of the pages in this sketchbook in the near future.


Poetic Artist said...

What a wonderful project..I would like to get involved with a art project with artist all over the world..That I can do from my home.
The next one you get involved in and u need another artist..Think about me..:)
I hope your new year brings you joy and peace.

Color Cat Studios said...

I love it, I love it! Inspiring sketchbook and I adore that you took a video of flipping the pages - much more 'real' than static images of individual pages. Have you participated in this in years past?

Marlene said...

Beautiful journal, you did a fantastic job with your theme.

Tracy said...

GORGEOUS journal and wonderful project, Juana! In the New Year I'm starting my first art journal, and very excited--just got the book for it. :o) Hope this finds you having a cozy holiday. We’re just emerging from some very festive days just now. Later in the week is my birthday–hubby’s taking me out to lunch. Then we ring in New Year already–it’s a great time just now! Happy Days! So glad to have found your inspiring blog again! ((HUGS))

Gallery Juana said...

Poetic, I'll definitely let you know when I join the next project.

ColorCat, this is the first time for me to participate and I'm thinking I might do another one.

Marlene, thank you.

Tracy, I look forward to seeing your journal creation.

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Hello gorgeous?

How's everybody? I been away for awhile due to work out of town and of course this snow thing §:-(

Anyhow, I didn't forget you & all our friends on SSS...

Dropping by to greet you a Bountiful & Peaceful NY.

Stay safe & God Bless,

zendotstudio said...

Love the slide show! Great to see the pages all at once. Beautiful journal! Just took out the little piece I bought from you. Now that I'm settled I will find a beautiful frame for it. Happy New Year. Looking forward to seeing what you will be doing in 2011.

Gallery Juana said...

richie, thank you for the new year greetings.

zen, thank you for your compliments and visit.

Aussie Jo said...

Love your sketchbook, very inspiring!!

pedalpower said...

Love it! Your work is beautiful...wonderful lines.

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