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Jan 2, 2011

Live and Learn

Happy New Year!  

My new year's resolution is to complete one art work every day for the entire year.   Although, I do something art related everyday, I don't always complete an art work.  On New Year's Day I worked to finish my first collage.

My original pencil lines were too light and I needed to retrace them.  The lines done with a ruler were easy to retrace.  But how to retrace the circle done with a compass?  I had used the compass in a way that left no hole on the paper.  I probably could have matched the compass perfectly by doing the math, but that's not me.   I tried to visually match the width of the compass and redraw the circle.  That didn't work and the circle looked pretty messy.  With the "I told you" voice ringing in my head, I snatched up the collage and rolled it into a ball.

I remember when I was 6 years old, my Father was happy with the completion of his model glider. It was bright orange and seemed almost the same size as me.  I went out with him on a winter day to witness the first flight.  The glider went up in the air in full glory then came diving straight down only to break in half.   My father picked up the glider and said, "back to the drawing board."  

So I live and I learn.  I unrolled the failed collage and left it on my desk.  I started a new collage for the New Year which I did complete, thus keeping my resolution.

I'm going to keep this failed collage and frame it.

live and learn
Title "Live, Learn"  - detail

Above is a detail of the circle with the messy pencil line.  For more Sunday sketches, visit Blue Chair's Blog.


WrightStuff said...

What a great resolution. Best of luck!

Tammie said...

fun that you related this to your experience with your father. wishing you a wonderful year of creating!

Julia Christie said...

Good luck with this resolution! I am in awe of all the artists that can create something new every day!


Christine said...

well, this is a most original idea, a failed collage! It works, having a deeper meaning I suppose.

Missy said...

Great collage, I like it!

EVA said...

Neat Juana!

I did that last year 2010 (Creative Every Day 2010) and am looking forward to doing more, bigger pieces that I can NOT finish in 1 day this year!

Good luck and best wishes for a creative 2011!

Heather said...

Happy New Year!!!! Live and Learn I love that! I use to get upset when I messed up a painting but now I just paint over it and start new. I can not get attached or I would have alot of unfinished work. I have actually made some of my best work from mistake. Loved this post.

Heather said...

Happy New Year
now, as they say, Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Keep going....good luck with your resolution! I look forward to your creative journey!

Poetic Artist said...

Try, Try and Try again...I have not promised my self to complete something every day but to start something every day and finish it before the week is up..I know me I will never finish anything in one day...LOL...
Take care

Gallery Juana said...

Thank you for your visits and comments.
I had forgotten about the Creative Everyday group.
And as Heather mentioned, I'm learning to let go with this resolution.

Tracy said...

This doesn't look like any failure to me either, Juana. But I do understand your feeling. We are our own worst critics at times, aren't we? ;o) I've started my art journal, and am having fun playing each day. Not necessary to complete each page, but to show up to the book, a page each day and see what happens. Maybe a sketch will reveal a work to come back to later or shape into a large piece. I'm learning. I'm trying and just the trying makes a difference. For so long I was afraid to take up the pencils, the brushes. I don't wan to feel fear, but to be fearless! Wishing you JOY in your creative adventures this year! :o)

ShaylaF said...

I love collages and I enjoyed yours. There is something very calm about it.

Kristin Dudish said...

I'm so glad you unrolled your collage... as a recovering perfectionist, I'm learning to lighten up and embrace the imperfection.

I wish you lots of luck on your art every day journey (I can't wait to see what you create)


p.s. Congratulations on completing your sketchbook project - I enjoyed your video

Gallery Juana said...

Tracy, you're right about us being our own worst critics. I'm looking forward to seeing your journal pages.

shayla, thank you.

Gallery Juana said...

kristen, I like the thought of being a recovering perfectionist:)

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