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Aug 12, 2011

california wild flowers, joy pockets

dry flowers

It was a busy week filled with many reasons to smile:

surprise visit from far away cousins
lots of laughter
road trip to San Francisco with Mom, Sis and Cousins
bbq's in the backyard
summer nights
sleeping in late with my kitty
walking in the foothills
salsa and avocado
good glass of wine

For more glimpses of what makes people smile, hop over to Monica's Joy Pockets.


Anonymous said...

beautiful joy pockets and the photo is brilliant. really lovely!

Veronica said...

yes salsa and avacado is a fave in my home too.

Monica {bohemian twilight} said...

the road trip sounds like good fun.
salsa and avocado would make my week! we had some delicious avocados at the start of Summer but something has happened. i must try them again.

Anonymous said...

beautiful photo. and happy weekend!!!

MJ said...

A road trip to San Fran, wow would I love that. Salsa and avocado, one of my faves too, and walking in the foothills, miss that. Your photo is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Tracy said...

Summer joys... can almost taste them along with you, Juana... this is a very JOYFUL list! That flower is intriguing. Thanks for your supportive comments on my art work. I still feel shy sometimes sharing, as I feel so much that I am learning & growing still again with fine art. But it's fun. And more the merrier shared. :o) Happy Weekend, my friend. Pass a glass of wine... ;o) ((HUGS))

Amanda ~ Blue LaReve said...

Surprise visits and road trips - sounds fantastic!! Summer nights are a favorite, even if they are getting a bit cooler here in New York.

Salsa and avocados!!!! Oh, yum. I can never go to the grocery store and not get avocados.

Hope you're enjoying the weekend!

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Wonderful Joy Pockets ~ thanks ~ namaste, Carol ^_^

Come by and visit Share the Creative Journey for my Joy Pockets ~ thanks,C

Mandy said...

Sleeping in late - ahhhh. Salsa and avocado - yum. And the picture is stellar, really. Many more joys to you! :)

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