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Nov 20, 2011

pen drawings in my moleskine

I usually keep this small moleskine in my bag.   I've been caught without it though and use my calendar book or bits of paper on hand. I sketch mostly when I'm waiting or when I want to sketch quickly and without corrections.

pen drawing of pizza
How I crave pizza!

Pen drawing of my cat
R.I. P. sputnik

Recently, I got contacts.  I'm liking how they work for the most part.  I am nearsighted, so when I wear glasses, I take them off for reading and doing my art.  In the past with contacts, I've never been able to read or do my art while wearing them.

However, this eye doctor suggested I try the monovision method for contacts.  Have you ever had the monovision contacts (one side is for reading, the other side is for seeing far)?  It is really freaky how this works!  I can read and see far.  The division of my sight is somewhat noticeable when I'm reading but still comfortable.

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Christine said...

nice to see your sketches, and so interesting about the new contacts.

Catherine... said...

Love the cat sketch.... I've never tried contacts....but can't go anywhere without my really annoys me not being able to see clearly up close....

Tammie said...

whoa, different contacts in each eye, that makes me dizzy thinking of it. i hope it does work for you!

love seeing your sketches, something so awesome about drawings that do not get corrected.

Color Cat Studios said...

nothing makes me happier than opening up my little purse moleskine. :) Even looking back at my really old ones is nice, because I can see how much I've improved. Love yours!

Sophia said...

Enjoyed your sketches on the go. I like the idea of keeping a moleskin and pencil or pen in my bag on the go! :)

Tracy said...

Very fun to see you sketches, and how your sight affects your drawing process. I've had glasses all my life (since I was 10 yrs old) and haven't tried contacts. I'd feel naked without my glasses, they are such a part of me. ;o) Lovely to see the sketch of Sputnik... Happy Week, Juana ((HUGS))

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