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May 12, 2012


sounder train, emergency exit
sounder train, mukilteo to seattle

Change is never easy. Sometimes staying the course will do you more harm than leaving. By taking that exit, you no longer deny who you are.

Who knows if this world's crimes are virtues there?

joining writing on the wall


Cheryl said...

Juana-I love your photo and commentary today. You're absolutely right. Sometimes it's just better to move on. It's the brave thing to do. Please consider visiting Bellingham before deciding where to move in your near future. We have some exciting events coming up next week.

Tracy said...

This is profoundly beautiful, Juana, and I couldn't agree more either! Taking the new, different road, and being open to change can bring great discoveries--not least learning how resilient, expansive and creative we are when faced with big things in life. :o) LOVE this! Happy Week ((HUGS))

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