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Aug 8, 2012

driftwood, bird

driftwood bird
driftwood at deception pass beach

Back in May, I blogged about the hike my husband and I did near deception pass. We ended up missing the second trailhead and getting lost. We had to cut through berry vines which made the going tough, but we found so many beautiful and interesting sights along the way.

One of these gifts from nature was this driftwood that looks just like a bird. I say seagull; my husband says duck. We brought this seagull-duck home with us. As our apartment has no balcony or yard, this "gift" from the sea sits on our kitchen counter and measures 24 inches in length x 16 height x 5.25 width (61 cm x 41 cm x 13).

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michelle gd said...

so many interesting textures in this photo!

and i really love this gift you and your husband found on your hike...a treasure resting on your counter...what a lovely reminder of time spent in nature.

annie said...

That is such a cool gift!

Tracy said...

Oh, this is a LOVELY gift from Nature! It does look like a bird on the wing... And your image would make a gorgeous print, Juana! ;o) Love this... Happy Day ((HUGS))

Robin aka Gotham Girl said...

Good for you for bringing it home!! Great textures!

Ms. Becky said...

a gift indeed. I wouldn't have guessed at its length. this is a most precious gift. happy week to you.

kat {pipkin hollow} said...

Simple natural beauty! Love the colouring, the texture. A treasure.

Bella said...

How interesting! What an awesome find.
Thank you for linking up this week :)

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