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Jan 30, 2013

my wish

my wish
wish for adventure

Science and art have that in common that everyday things seem to them new and attractive.
Friedrich Nietzsche

As long as I can remember, there's always been a family road trip. Sometimes it was just a drive out of the city along the country roads. Other times it was to some unexplored small town or to visit family a few hours away. I think that's where my penchant for traveling started.

It doesn't take much to have an adventure, and one doesn't really have to go far either. I think it's more about letting your mind wander, noticing both the details and letting the specifics melt away to a general fuzziness.

I hope I never lose that craving to take a walk or to travel to some unknown place, to want to go beyond my set borders, even if it means just seeing what's new down road.

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Jackie/Jake said...

A perfect wish!

Celina Wyss said...

I hope that same thing for myself. Always love the chance to hop in the car and go.

Tracy said...

This is lovely, Juana... I think we can go to as many wonderful place in our mind as we can by car, train, plane or boat. And the mind is free... or hopefully is free. ;o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

annie said...

I love your sense of adventure!

Gallery Juana said...

Tracy, you're so right about how we can travel with our minds which is one reason why I love reading.

Celina, Jackie and Annie, thanks!

Cheryl said...

That's another thing we have in common. My father was always piling us kids into the car to go for a drive. Sometimes to San Francisco, sometimes the beach, sometimes the mountains. I love the sense of adventure it gave me and I never get tired of it.

Anonymous said...

mmmm . . . yes, I like how you've described adventure. You're absolutely right--we don't have to go far. Sometimes it helps to go far to get us outside of our heads and routines and maybe that's why we often forget an adventure can be had right near home--it takes an act of conscious release and openness. :) Thank you for inspiring me to cultivate more adventure in my life. :)

Clarice said...

I agree completely that adventure doesn't have to be far away. I think your photo reflects your words very well.

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