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Mar 27, 2013

jumping through the layers

jump saratoga woods 2013

March 11th was a Monday and I can't remember much about what I did that day except for one exceptional moment.

That day I was at the gym on the treadmill which happens to be right at the window facing out onto the street. Most people driving by usually look our way and it's evident that we see each other. Has that ever happened to you: you are looking at someone looking at you? Most of the time it comes down to who looks away first or how do you pretend you're looking at something different and not them? Or better yet, you smile and maybe they smile back.

On that day, two young guys were walking down the street. One was carrying a skateboard and the other was carrying a milk jug with the lid off. I and two other people were on the treadmills. I was jogging and looking out when I saw the milk jug guy wave at us. A couple of seconds passed and I decided to wave back and realized I was the only one to return the wave.

We were strangers and the distance was measured by layers measured in time, feet and accessibility. I admit that I was apprehensive, but why? What did I have to lose? The layers of anonymity make it easier to be less human. They would soon be out of my view so I didn't really have to return their hello. I felt safer with those layers in place. And by returning their hello, I had cut through those layers and become more human.

As soon as I had finished my wave to them, they both celebrated by jumping up and down. Liquid was flying out of the milk jug with every jump and they both got creative with how they jumped. They continued on in this way until they were no longer in my view.

As I couldn't get a photo of them that day, I took this photo of me jumping in the woods to commemorate that happenstance. Those two guys really made my day!

joining 52 photos for Layers.


michelle gd said...

your story and image and exploration of layers makes me smile :)

Deborah said...

your verbal interpretation and your photo are fantastic!

Julia Chiang said...

Beautiful image and I love you writing voice....I'm glad you waved....I'm shocked how often people don't acknowledge us even as we stand right there in front of them. crazy. I'm an definitely going to be following you.

thanks for sharing.

Tracy said...

WONDERFUL story, Juana! A precious moment when we can move beyond fear (not matter how slight) and to connection with others--no matter how brief! :o) The long Easter weekend begins today here... I'll be offline a few days. Happy Days ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

O that is fantastic!!! I love it when strangers behave as if they have known each other all along. After all, we really do.
I love the jump in the woods as a relic of the day.
Have a wonderful up and coming weekend.

Rosebud Collection said...

Have a Blessed Easter my dear friend..Sending you love and best wishes..Thank you for your beautiful words in this time of our sorrow..
Much love, Carolyn

L.McG.-E. said...

Beautiful post, both words and photograph.

Anonymous said...

I love the photograph and he story that goes with it. Sometimes, on the freeways driving across country when we traveled in the 5th wheel, children were obviously playing a game to see if they could get us to honk or wave. I always did.

Gallery Juana said...

Thank you for your lovely comments.

girlunwinding, you're right ... strangers acting like they've known each other forever is an amazing high.

annie said...

I love the photo, and that's such a cool story to go with it--what a great perspective on the theme of layers!

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