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Jan 9, 2015

Nature's Gifts

I've talked about how I look out a large window when I am at my art table. I watch the birds, squirrels and rabbits visit below this window. And some days the deer come by. Every now and then a buck will visit.

There are two bucks that come by. One is younger then the other. The younger one with short spikes is usually with a deer.

Last December 2014, the older buck came by and stayed a good while just beyond my window. It had snowed a few days earlier.

There is a small forest and brook just beyond my window. And I often see the deer traveling through there. So when they come out of it to graze, I stop, watch and appreciate the beauty of my world.

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Sheila said...

So cool!

QuiltSwissy said...

They look so close you could pet them! they are magnificent. Thanks for sharing your deer! said...

Amazing! How lucky you were to observe them from such a close distance.

Tammie Lee said...

such a joy to see your buck
our snow is so deep now that deer are quite challenged to move in it, so are we.

bucks often are more shy (in our woods) than the does.... yours are beautiful, or handsome ;-)

Tracy said...

Isn't he a little beauty... what JOY to encounter!! When I was growing up, where we lived near fields we saw deer often. Now I live in a place where there are very few animals to be seen... I miss that. So this was JOY for me too. :o) Happy Days, Juana ((HUGS))

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