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Dec 3, 2015

bicycles, trains and ships for our 30 year anniversary

elliott bay trail, pronto bikes
Elliott Bay Trail, Mt. Rainer and Seattle scape

It doesn't seem like 30 years. Looking back, we were in Sendai, Japan for our 20th, and in Sapporo, Japan for our 10th.

This year we travelled to Seattle for the day. The alarm went off at 4 a.m. After breakfast, we got ready and headed out to catch the 5:37 bus to the ferry. The bus arrived with plenty of time to catch the 6 a.m. ferry to Mukilteo.

clinton - mukilteo ferry

From the Mukilteo ferry dock, it's a short walk to the sounder train stop, and after about a 5 minute wait, the 6:26 a.m.train arrived. It's still dark and just as we're arriving in Seattle, the sun started to rise.
A short walk from the King street train station to the light rail station, and we caught the light rail into downtown.

seattle light rail station

artwork, light rail station, westlake

I love how we can get into Seattle without needing a car! The public transportation all runs smoothly and is pleasant to ride.

After breakfast downtown, we walked to the waterfront and rented some Pronto bikes and helmets near Pier 69 (Pier 69 / Alaskan Way and Clay St) close to the Elliot Bay trail and rode to the Elliot Bay marina.

It was an easy ride - 3.7 miles each way. The trail is a no car trail, so no worries about car traffic.

elliott bay trail, pronto bikes
Elliot Bay Trail, tugboats and fishing trawlers

We passed more ports with fun ships on the waterside and trains on the opposite side. We were fortunate to have beautiful weather and clear skies with Mt. Rainer on the horizon.

tanker and Mt. Rainer off of Elliott bay trail

We took a short break at the marina and then headed back to the beginning of the trail. After returning the bicycles, we headed downtown and had sushi for lunch.

elliott bay trail, elliott bay marina
Elliott bay marina with space needle and seattle cityscape

elliott bay trail, elliott bay marina
leaving marina with view of ports and seattle

heading home on  the sounder train

After window shopping, a gelato and expresso break and then more shopping, we headed home on the 4:05 train. I did some people sketching, while husband read his Barron's.

Happy 30th!

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Tracy said...

Happy 30th to you & your Mr., Juana!! That is a beautiful milestone to celebrate, and you celebrated in a beautiful way! very fun with a day in the Big City. So great to see you!! May your next 30 see you both happily enjoying the world seen from two wheels. :) ((HUGS))

Tammie Lee said...

sounds like a lovely day

happy anniversary! wishing you ongoing joy together.

Bella Cirovic said...

Happy Anniversary! I love the photos & stories of how you spent your day. xo

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

It looks like a wonderful adventure. Happy Anniversary Wishes!

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