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Feb 26, 2017

Bainbridge Island

Seattle seen from Bainbridge ferry

We took a short trip to Bainbridge Island for a mid-week getaway. We did the trip entirely without a car. Somehow in all my planning, I forgot to map out the way from the ferry to the hotel. After asking two kind strangers for directions, we finally arrived at the hotel. We lucked out and could check into our room at 9:30 a.m. Hurray!

heading to Seattle on the Bainbridge Island Ferry

On the second day, we left the hotel early in the morning and walked about five miles out to the Japanese-American Exclusion Memorial in Pritchard Park. It was quiet and a beautiful park to take a short break. The memorial included photos of some of the citizens who were forced out of their homes and sent to internment camps. The warning "Ni Doto Nai Yo Ni", Let it not happen again, speaks out to the current times in The States.

Ni Doto Nai Yo Ni, Let it not happen again

wine tasting at eleven

Since we were on foot, that meant we had to carry our luggage everywhere once we left the hotel to return home. We decided to hang out on Bainbridge rather than roam Seattle. We stopped in at Eleven wine tasting room. We tried their $15 flight of wines which included two white and three reds. We could talk and people watch at the same time.

waiting to leave on Ferry at Bainbridge Island

Below is some video I shot while we neared Seattle. I love seeing all the tugboats and cargo ships.

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1 comment:

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

It sounds like an amazing trip! I love that top photo, the blues are incredible...

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