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Silhouettes - Sunday Sketches

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Exploring drawing patterns free-hand in this latest series of Silhouettes.

silhouette II

silhouette I

I hope everyone had a good week and weekend. I look forward to seeing your Sunday Sketches. Thank you to Sofia for hosting this Sunday Sketch blog hop.


Tammie Lee said…
wonderful depth to your freehand pieces.... Wonderful Sunday and beyond to you~
looks like a medicine woman at work.
very interesting piece.
cheers, dana
Melisa said…
What a great way to play with pattern! Love the lines of her face.
Heather said…
this has awesome character. would love to see these framed in a home...very cool to have one of these in a woman's dressing room...I love them, can you tell? xo
Lenora said…
great! Like the second one best.
Andrea said…
I love the lips...
Happy May!
Christine said…
I like these sketches. Nice patterns.
Kristin Dudish said…
Very cool patterns, indeed.

(I love your pic of Sputnik in the post below... fantastic!)

GalleryJuana said…
thank you for your lovely comments and visits!
I'm really liking your silhouettes and patterns. Nice work! :) Forgive me for my delay in visiting.

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